Bucket list

I made bucket list a while ago, so some things are already crossed out - but i keep adding more and more things.

• travel to every place on my list:

Italy (only Rome an Sicily are left)
• Spain
• Brussels
• Moscow and St Petersburg

• Thailand
• India
• Nepal
• Sri Lanka
• Singapore
• Japan

North America
• LA
• Las Vegas
• San Francisco
• Chicago
• Niagara falls
• Toronto

Central and South America

• Mexico
• Barbados
• Cuba
• Jamaica
• Whole South America, to be honest. Ideally would be to go to South America for one moth or more and visit all seeing-worthy things on that continent, on one trip.

• Egypt (especially Cairo and pyramids)
• Morocco
• South Africa
• Zanzibar
• Madagascar

• live in another country for at least 6-12 months
• see northern lights
• go on a road trip with friends
go to Disneyland
• set foot on all 7 continents
• scuba dive
• ride in the hot air balloon
• fly in a helicopter
see Rihanna live
• meet Rihanna
• see all my favorite artists and bands live and meet them (The Weeknd, Arctic Monkeys, Years&Years, Tha Black Keys, Chet Faker)
• attend Coachella and Glastonbury
ride a horse
• finish university
• do job i love
• be a part of a movie (may my director course pay off someday haha)
learn to draw realistically
• send a cute letter to a random person
save someone’s life
• get driving license
• get enough money to buy my parents something they deserve
dance on the rain
• meet the love of my life
• go to the party on the beach
• spend NYE on the beach
surprise someone on 00:00 on their birthday (and we (okay, I) accidentally scared the f outta her………never mind)
• have a walk-in closet
• go bungee jumping
go parasailing
• become fit & healthy
• get flat stomach/ abs
party til sunrise
• have a pet (i never did - if you don’t count a spider i felt sorry for so i didn’t killed him and he’s now alive and well in my room. I call him SiniĊĦa (Seen-e-sha))
• learn to play at least one song on a guitar
• hold a koala
• improve my Italian and learn at least one more language
• have someone write a song about me
dye my hair purple• try as many unusual (well, to me) international dishes and food as i can (this can actually never be crossed, can’t it)
• sell something i made (piece of art, jewelry or something else)

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