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Godina je 2084. Zovem se A.A, ali moje ime nije bitno, ljudi se ionako raspoznaju po nizu brojeva ugrađenim u čipu ispod naše kože i imenu na društvenim mrežama. Ne po imenu, to je tako zastarelo.
Ovo pišem za buduće generacije. Treba da znate kakav je život sada da biste vi mogli da živite još bolje (mada ne znam kako može da bude bolje od ovoga).
Život je lep.. na internetu. Napolju i ne baš. Sve je sivo i malo smrdi. Ponekad padne kiša i još je gore i još više smrdi, ali svi, od vlade pa do roditelja, nam govore da napolju nije bezbedno i da je bolje ostati unutra i biti na internetu tako da uglavnom niko ni ne izlazi napolje. Jedino idemo u šoping centre iako uglavnom ne možemo ništa da kupimo i ponekad (retko) u luksuzna odmarališta na moru, da bismo se kupali u bazenu i slikali za instagram na plaži. Tamo nikad ne pada kiša.
Da se vratimo na internet. Neverovatno kako on postoji od početka sveta, baš kao i naša država i vlada, zar ne? Neki su, doduše, govorili da to nije tačno, ali ti ljudi su užasni i drago mi je što su sada nestali. Tako im i treba kad ne veruju vladi i kad podstiču druge da čitaju zabranjene knjige. Kao, nekad su ljudi provodili vreme izvan kuće, u prirodi (?), internet nije postojao, vlade i političari su se menjali, čitale su se knjige (??), ljudi su se bunili kad su bili nezadovoljni (ko im je kriv što su nezadovoljni, što nisu slušali vlast), postojalo je više država i kultura. Veću glupost u životu nisam čula. Iskreno, ni ne znam šta znači pola tih reči, ali zvuče prljavo i opasno. Kultura, na primer, zvuči kao ona ljigava životinijca čiju sam sliku videla na internetu.
Nego, stalno skrećem sa teme. Internet. Jedino mesto gde su ljudi srećni. Tamo gledamo bogate, lepe i zgodne osobe i zamišljamo da smo oni i provodimo vreme na društvenim mrežama. Neki od najboljih trenutaka u životu su mi kad dobijem mnogo lajkova i komentara kad postavim nešto, osećam se voljeno. Van interneta i ne baš.
Ali, rekli su nam da nam nikada nije bilo bolje, pa onda mora da je tako.
Zar ne?

Ovaj tekst je inspirisan knjigom 1984. Džordža Orvela. Topla preporuka - obavezno je pročitajte ako niste._________________________________________________________

Year is 2084. My name is A.A, but that’s not important. We are known by numbers on the chip under our skin and username on social networks, not by name, that’s so outdated.
I’m writing this for the future generations. You have to know how good life is now, so you can live even better (if that’s possible).
Life is great.. on the internet. Outside, in the real life, not so much. Everything is grey and it smells bad. Sometimes it rains and it smells even worse, but everyone, from the government to our parents, are telling us that outside is not safe anyway and that it’s better to stay inside and be on internet. That’s why usually no one goes outside. We only go to shopping centers (even though we can hardly afford anything) and sometimes (rarely) to luxurious resorts so we can swim in the swimming pools and take pictures for instagram on the beach. It never rains there.
Let’s go back to internet. It’s amazing how it exist since the beginning of time, same as our country and government, right? However, some people say that that’s not true, but that people are horrible and i’m glad they disappeared. They deserved it because they don’t believe the government and they encourage others to read forbidden books. Allegedly, people once used to go outside and spend time in the nature (?), internet didn’t exist, the government and politicians were changing, books were read (??) and people rebelled when they were dissatisfied (it’s their fault they didn’t followed the government’s rules and orders, dumbasses), there were multiple countries and cultures. I’ve never heard anything stupider. Honestly, i don’t know what most of those words mean, but they seem dirty and dangerous. For example, culture sounds like that sleazy little animal whose picture i saw online.
I keep getting off topic. Internet. The only place where people are happy. The place where we look pictures of rich and hot people and imagine we are them and spend time on social networks. Some of the best moments of my life were when i got a lot of likes and comments on something i posted, i felt loved. Outside the internet, not so much.
But, they told us it have never been better than now, so that must be true.

This text was inspired by 1984. by George Orwell, i’d highly recommend you to read it.Another story: click here.
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  1. Deep article. I don't know so well what to write about it. I think my life is pretty great outside of the internet. I hope that we can still see the positive things that are around us. I know the world and the wars aren't always paradise (saying it lightly), but we have to focus on the good things. The bad will drag us down in to more black stuff. We can't let that happen.
    When it rains, look for rainbows. When it's dark, look for stars <3

  2. Great Write Up !
    Bad and Good are part of anyone's life
    Bad will drag you to do shit and Good will drive you to make world better place to live in.


  3. I just love what the outside world has to offer and what it continuously offer. I love nature and buildings, even the roads and bridges. I love walking in parks and seeing kids play. I love those sitting under the trees and reading books. I love internet and technology as well though i cannot understand most of what it offers. I think my life is a balance of technology and reality.

  4. Science fiction or reality? I know what was science fiction was not only a reality but already outdated. James Bond used to be cool with all his out of this world gadgets that seems so common nowadays. So what's to say what the future holds? I do know one thing and that is, even the Internet may not exist in 2084. Perhaps on another timeline, it could be telepathy already :)

  5. Feels like something out of an alternate reality of the Hunger Games... #WayTooDeep. Some people though have already been in half of what you write, by being so consumed not in the whole internet but the online games that they play, that they forget to sleep and get out of the house to get some sunshine. I do wish that what you wrote WILL NOT HAPPEN though, it's a way too sad and bleary future.. :(

  6. Wow , I love that post !!!!!! You have got a great sense of sarcasm , your style of writing is very striking , I could have read more .... longer .... :) What a shame , that I never read Orwell's 1984 , but I very likely will very soon . I hope Orson Well writes as well as you ;)

  7. I sort of had difficulty in understanding your line of thought here. It must be because it was originally written in your language then just translated. Anyway, internet certainly made our lives convenient. But I missed the times before where relationships are not superficial and it's not measured by how often friends likes or comments on posts. I also miss the days when hanging out means traveling and being with nature. Not just being confined in one's home since they're already being entertained with the internet. -Me-An Clemente of yogoandcream.com

  8. Very interesting story. Something that probably could happen in the future. Especially when our world revolves around internet and disregard everything around us. We forget about nature, we forget about real relationships, our country for likes and comments.

    Deep! :) I love it!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Internet and social web are only tools to make our lives easier. I sure hope humanity will digress so badly that the next generation will only see the beauty of life thru the internet.

  11. This is deep, you're an effective and great writer. :)


  12. I like this. Uhm. This actually reminded me of the movie Purge. I dont know why. Hehehe.


  13. Nice write up. Keep it up! Love your insight!

  14. This could be 2024 or 2034, unfortunately,.

  15. I love George Orwell and I love how he can be so accurate with his portrayal of society

  16. I love George Orwell and I love how he can be so accurate with his portrayal of society


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